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Value Based Résumés

Your résumé must immediately generate interest and communicate your unique value to prospective employers. If it resembles 99% of résumés submitted to hiring organizations, you  may not get to first base let alone get the job.

The ExecuPro Résumé is NOT your everyday, run-of-the-mill, template-driven sheet that fails to grab the attention of hiring managers and get you the interview. Your résumé MUST be specifically targeted to the position you want and must speak persuasively to the requirements of that position. One-size-fits-all résumés do not work. In fact, if you are targeting more than one position, you will need a custom-focused résumé for each.

I create truly exceptional résumés and cover letters that:

  • are sales-focused, highly relevant, jargon-free, visually attractive, and accomplishment-rich.
  • describe the exceptional ROI you offer.
  • provide solutions to assure your career advancement, peace of mind, and the standard of living you deserve.

The fundamental purpose of your résumé is to get you in the door for an interview and beyond that, to get you hired. To accomplish this, it must clearly demonstrate that you can meet the requirements of the position with expert language and formatting.


Specializing in expertly crafted career documents for mid to senior-level executive and professional clients in these fields: